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E.    The Customer must read these Terms and Conditions. The use of this product/service will constitute as agreement to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

F.    Please pay special attention to all the clauses. Please note that these Terms and Conditions must be read together with the standard MTN Internet product and service Terms and Conditions.


1.  Campaign:

1.1   MTN in collaboration with Upstream launched the SupaDlala Promo (the “Competition”) as a medium to promote content services. The description of the Competition is more fully described in paragraph 3 below.


2. Campaign Period:

2.1      The Competition commences on 00:00 on 30 June 2020 and will continue for 180 days until 23:59 on 26 December 2020 (the “Competition Period"). 

2.2  Notwithstanding the promotion Period, MTN may, in its sole and absolute discretion, amend the duration of the agreement Period to a shorter or longer period, or withdraw the agreement in its entirety, with notice to Customers. Visit www.mtn.co.za regularly for notices, updates and/or changes to services.


3. How the competition works:

The Competition will include a free trivia where users can interact in a Question & Answer collecting points towards prizes, at no cost. Through the free trivia users will be able to enroll to “premium content services”, enjoy premium content while standing a chance to win prizes. The services are detailed below:

3.1. Free Trivia: Interactive trivia game, consisting of a set of questions about general topics. By responding to a question, the participant triggers the next interaction. 

3.2. SupaDlala Promo: A brand new digital experience that will test participants’ luck. Participants can choose one of the ‘’pre-games’’ before moving on to unlock more levels, to earn more points, which in turn will count as additional entries in the prize draw. Participants will also have access to a fully interactive mobisite (Web interface).

3.3. Guessing Game: Collection of daily interactive guessing games which consists of 5 (five) clues that provide the participant with hints about a person or an object, the participant is challenged to guess the correct answer. The quizzes are set to test participants’ knowledge in different fields such as sports, movies etc. Participants will also have access to a fully interactive mobisite (web interface).


4. Who May Enter:

4.1. To be eligible to enter, the entrant must:

4.1.1. be an MTN subscriber (PayAsYouGo, TopUp or Contract) who follows the steps listed in clause 5 below;

4.1.2. be a natural person; and

4.1.3. be 18 years or older.

4.2. Participation in this Competition excludes employees, directors, members, partners, consultants and agents of, or any other person who, directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter/s or marketing service providers of this Competition, (and the spouses, life partners, immediate family members or business partners of the people or entities listed above. This shall include:

4.2.1. the Promoter/s;

4.2.2. suppliers of goods and or services in terms of this Competition; and

4.2.3. promotional partners, printers, advertising and promotional agencies, professional advisors and point of sale staff employed by or contracted to, or providing goods or services of any kind, to all the people or entities listed above during the Competition Period.

5. How to Enter:

5.1. During the Competition Period, the participants that meet all of the criteria referred to in clause 4 above must do the following in order to stand a chance to win:

5.2. Free Trivia:

5.2.1. The participant can send anything to 30181 to register or via USSD *686*6867#

5.2.2. Following the registration SMS as set out in paragraph 5.2.1 above, and for every SMS sent thereafter, the participant will receive 1 (one) SMS in response to each SMS that they send to the short code.

5.2.3. The free trivia service comprises of 7 (seven) steps/trivia questions per day. Every SMS sent as part of the free trivia service (correct, false and/or invalid answer) will progress the participant by one step.

5.2.4. Participants can get more information about the free trivia Service for free by sending “INFO” to the short code 30181.

5.2.5. Participants can get their last unanswered question of the day (if any available) for free by sending “LAST” to the short code 30181.

5.2.6. Participants can get to know their points in the free trivia draw for free by sending “POINTS” to the short code 30181.


5.3. Content Services: Throughout the free trivia service, the free participant will be prompted to subscribe to 1 (one) of the 2 (two) premium services mentioned below and will get the opportunity of getting rewarded with higher value rewards:


5.3.1. In order to subscribe the participant must send a free of charge SMS to the below listed numbers to subscribe to any one of the services:
SupaDlala Digital Trivia   30182
Guessing Games   39634

5.3.2. Participants may also subscribe via USSD by dialing the corresponding string below:
SupaDlala Digital Trivia   *686*6867#
Guessing Games   *686*6868#

5.3.3. The participants will be liable for the following costs for subscription to the services:
SupaDlala Digital Trivia  R 4.00 (four rand) per day (automatic renewal)
Guessing Games    R 3.00 (three rand) per day (automatic renewal)


5.3.4. Premium subscribers can get more information about the service for free by sending “INFO” to the respective service short code.

5.3.5. Premium subscribers can get to know their points in the corresponding premium draw for free by sending “POINTS” to the respective service short code (applies for Guessing Games, In the Loop Celebrity Magazine and SupaDlala Digital Trivia).

5.3.6. Premium subscribers can retrieve their mobisite credentials (username, password) for free by sending “PASSWORD” to the respective service short code.

6. Draw mechanics

6.1. Free Trivia

6.1.1. Participants earn points as follows: Registration to the free Service = 20 points earned SMS Trivia Game - Correct Answer = 50 points earned SMS Trivia Game - Wrong Answer = 20 points earned SMS Trivia Game - Invalid Answer = 0 points earned Upgrade to the Premium Service / skipping the Premium Service prompt = 20 points earned Daily points upon 1st MO of the day - except from Special Commands = 20 points earned


Note: In respect to the free trivia service, when a participant sends an invalid answer to a question, the participant will receive the reply and the next question and progress towards the CAP.

6.2. Premium Content Services: SupaDlala / Guessing Games 

First ever subscription to Premium Content Service = 100 points earned
Subsequent (re)subscriptions = 0 points
Successful charge = 50 points

6.2.1.  Subscribers will receive 100 (one hundred) points, upon their first ever subscription to the premium content services throughout the competition period and 50 points with every successful charge. Each eligible MSISDN will enter the respective draw with all their accumulated points. The more points a user has earned the higher the probability of them winning the draw.

6.2.2. Subscribers do not need to be active on the day of the draw to enter the draw. They can be unsubscribed from the content service. They will be eligible for the draw as long as they have earned points during the draw period.

6.2.3. The Draw will result in a list of winners and each will win the prize they are eligible for.

6.3. Once the participant has fulfilled the requirements of clauses 4 and 5 above, he or she will be automatically entered into the lucky draw.

6.4. Winners will be notified over the phone by the Promoter/s and/or its authorized agents on or as soon as possible after the draw.

6.4.1. The lucky draw for the monthly prizes shall take place at the end of each month during the campaign, the dates are as follows: In respect of the monthly prizes for the Free Trivia and the SupaDlala Promo: Draw 1 – 31/07/2020. Draw 2 – 31/08/2020. Draw 3 – 30/09/2020. Draw 4 – 31/10/2020. Draw 5 – 30/11/2020. Draw 6 – 26/12/2020. In respect to the final prizes for the SupaDlala Promo and Guessing Games: Draw 1 – 26/12/2020.


6.4.2. The lucky draw for the final prizes shall take place on 26/12/2020 at the end of the promotional period. 

6.4.3. The above are tentative dates and the organizer reserves the right to amend them.

6.5. The participants acknowledge and accept that the Promoter/s shall utilize a third party (the Promoters’ authorized agent/s) to contact the participant, in the event that the participant is a winner, and arrange delivery of the Prize. In order to affect the contacting and delivery process, the Promoter/s shall provide the participant’s information to such third party.

7. Unsubscribing / Opt Out:

7.1. Participants may opt out of the Competition by SMSing “STOP” to: 

7.1.1    Free Trivia    30181

7.1.2    SupaDlala Digital Trivia  30182

7.1.3    Guessing Games    39634


Sending “STOP ALL” to any of the above short codes will unsubscribe the user from all three services.

7.2. On opting out, the service will be cancelled immediately.

7.3. Once unsubscribed from a service, the participant is no longer being charged for that service and will no longer receive content. 

7.4. Participants’ subscription can also be canceled at the sole discretion of the Promoter/s if in the event of a clear expression of non-interest in participating in the Competition is demonstrated by the participant via SMS communication (e.g. the participant is sending a SMS message reporting “I do not want to participate”).

8. The Prize:

8.1. Participants that fulfil the requirements stated in clause 4 and 5 above, stand a chance to win the following: 




Winner Selection

Draw Period

No of Winners per Draw

Free Trivia

Cash Prize of R10,000

Random Draw



Supa Dlala

Cash Prize of R30,000

Random Draw



Supa Dlala

Cash Prize of R150,000

Random Draw



Guessing Game

Cash Prize of R100,000

Random Draw




8.2. Prizes shall be delivered to the winner at a time and place to be agreed upon between the Promoter/s and the winner.


9. General:

9.1. The Promoter/s, its respective directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage, including but not limited to physical harm or death, howsoever arising from or as a result of a participant’s participation in the Competition or the participant’s redemption of any Prizes in terms of the Competition, or from any amendments to the Prize details and/or the terms and conditions of the Competition. All participants (including the winner) hereby expressly indemnify the Promoter/s in this regard and shall hold it harmless from all and any claims arising from or as a result of the above reasons.

9.2. In so far as it is necessary, required by law or beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter/s, the Promoter/s reserves the right to vary the nature of the Competition, the Prizes, or these terms and conditions upon notice in this regard being published on www.mtn.co.za or in another appropriate medium. In the event that the Prizes are limited or varied in this manner, the Promoter/s shall replace the Prizes with prizes of a similar economic value.

9.3. With regard to clause 9.2 above, any amended terms and conditions published in any media, or on the MTN website www.mtn.co.za will form part of the terms and conditions of the Competition, to which terms the entrants agree to be bound.

9.4. Winners shall be contacted on their cell phone number or via the medium used to enter the Competition or in terms of any contact details supplied by the winner when entering the Competition. The Promoter/s shall attempt to contact the winner for a period of 1 (one) week after his or her name is drawn as a winner.  In the event that the winner is either unreachable (during the time frames stipulated in this clause 9.4) or in the event that the winner rejects, or declines acceptance of the Prize, the Prize shall be given to the next eligible runner up.

9.5. Further, should contact have been made by the Promoter/s with the winner after they have won a Prize and the winner is thereafter unreachable for the purposes of delivery of the Prize, the Promoter/s shall attempt to contact the winner for a period of 1 (one) week and if the winner remains unreachable, the Prize shall be given to the next eligible runner up.

9.6. The Prizes are not transferable and are not exchangeable for another prize/s or cash.

9.7. The decision of the Promoter/s in respect of disputes arising out of the Competition shall be dealt with by the Promoter/s in terms of these terms and conditions.  The decision of the Promoter/s in this regard shall be final.

9.8. The Promoter/s reserve the right to withhold the Prize until it is entirely satisfied that the claimant of the Prize is the bona fide winner and reserves the right to call for such proof as it may deem necessary.

9.9. The Promoter/s shall request that winners consent in writing to their name, image and likeness being used and published by the Promoter/s in connection with the Competition for a period of 12 (twelve) months after they are announced as winners.  Winners may decline the use of their name, likeness and image by the Promoter/s.

9.10. By entering the Competition participants signify their consent to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. If a winner is under the age of 18 (eighteen) years (a “minor”), the winner’s guardian or parent will be required to assist the minor with all and any necessary documents or agreements in connection with being able to take up any of the Prize/s in this Competition.

9.11. By entering the Competition all participants give their consent to receive various marketing and promotional material from the Promoter/s.  Participants will be provided with an opportunity to “Opt Out” of receiving such communications, which may be via the relevant medium that such marketing communication was received.

9.12. Winners agree that it is an express condition of the Competition that in order to be eligible to redeem the Prize, the winner shall be required to sign the appropriate acknowledgement of receipt of the Prize, as well as an indemnity and/or waiver of liability as reflected in these terms.